1)      To develop effective coordination among its members and in order to achieve high standard of cooperation in technical, management and other relevant matters pertaining to their business and commercial activities.

2)      To provide guidance to members on various government policies with respect to business, banking, taxation, record keeping, and technical aspects of their products specially maintaining and improving the quality with economy to meet the competition and keep up with international standard requirements.

3)      To help members to equip them in better way to deal their technical, administrative matters by providing specialist consultation services for their trouble shooting area.

4)      To educate members about technical innovations and provide guidance to improve the quality of their products.

5)      To provide coordination and guidance to members in the following specialized area:-


To help them to meet ISO standards as far as possible so that quality may be competitive and enabling them in better way to explore foreign markets for export of their products and earn foreign exchange for the country.


To educate them to be ENVIRONMENT CARING so that they are able to meet the requirements of international standards relating to environment protection.


To carry out adult education programme for workers of member organizations in order to improve literacy level and basic education among their worker force.


i) To arrange  lectures, conferences and seminars to educate the members and providing opportunities for learning better techniques of business, technical and commercial matters.

ii) To arrange local exhibitions to attract and educate customers about the achievements and programmes of our members with respect to their range of products and better business ethics

iii)  To arrange participation of members in International Trade Fairs and coordinate with EPB, BOI, FPCCI and Chambers of Commerce and Industries as well as relevant Ministers to explore and improve the export potential.


i) To create general awareness about quality consciousness, good business ethics and improvement of skills of Labour among member organizations.

ii) The Organization shall be run on non-commercial and non-political basis.

iii)  Promoters, Office-bearers and members of the Organization shall not be the paid employees of the Organization.

iv) To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grants, endowments and any other movable property or properties through lawful sources, within the country and to finalize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the Organization.

v) The Organization shall confine its activities only to the objects and as set forth in the Memorandum of Organization and the income and property of the Organization from whatever sources derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Organization and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend, profit, bonus or otherwise, to any members or office-bearers of the Organization. Violation of this condition shall be the personal responsibility of the office-bearers or members concerned.